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Health Benefits of Strength Training

It is now recognised by the Government's health department and leading medical experts that all adults should perform some form of strength training two to three times a week. Here is the link to the governments advice on strength training >>>

Strength Training is also referred to as resistance or weight training, and a well rounded fitness programme should include strength training to improve joint function,bone density and strength within connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. This training should run alongside aerobic activity to improve heart and lung function whilst also incorporating flexibility and balancing exercises.

There are a vast array of resistance training exercises and a good personal trainer should ensure that the programmes they run utilise different training techniques, as well as refreshing plans every six to eight weeks to maintain improvement, and allow clients to grow stronger.

The health benefits of strength training are numerous, but a few examples are listed below

  • Improved muscle strength and tone to protect your joints from injury

  • Maintaining flexibility and balance as you age can help you remain independent

  • The more muscle you carry on your body the more calories your body burns creating an effective weight management tool

  • It aids in the prevention of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain and obesity

  • Good strength training, done with proper posture, helps with your day to day posture which improves health and self confidence

  • Strength Training has the ability to aid mental health issues by creating a feeling of well being due to improved body image and mood enhancement

  • The mechanics of strength training when done properly will increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis particularly in women

It is never too late to begin strength training and there is no reason to ever to stop training as long as you take advice from professionals, and undertake the exercise in the correct and proper manner, consulting with trained professionals who can assist you in designing your programmes

If you feel you would like to know more or would like to undertake a fitness programme contact Alan at State of Strength who will happy to offer advice and guidance.


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