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What is Raynor Massage

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

What is Raynor Massage?

Raynor Massage is a pretty incredible treatment that not only considers the muscular and skeletal system of the body but also the more subtle energy systems which traditional western massage and medicine neglect. The sole focus and purpose of Raynor Massage is quite simply to find and remove tension. Its important at this stage to define the word tension. Tension does not exist naturally in the body but accumulates due to external factors. Any body at rest, for example on a massage table, should have muscles that are soft and pain free when touched. Therefore if in this situation areas are hard and as a result sore, there is tension present. This is not how it has to be!! My focus as your therapist throughout your treatment is to find ways through different moves, adjustments and stretches to alleviate your issues.

The body as a whole entity

In Raynor Massage this is how we are taught as therapist, simply dealing with the bit that is ouchy is not as effective as treating the body as a whole organism. Due to our philosophy that there are physical bands (muscles,tendons,ligaments etc) that run from anchor points in our body that carry tension, one logically must work above and below the problem area to trace back to its root. Therefore removing tension and as a result pain. Commonly in normal Sports Massage the therapist will simply focus on the area that the client says is hurting and will not look further to find the cause of the discomfort.

Emotional tension

Residual tension is not only created by physical forces, it can also be related to emotions. Being anxious and stressed just by daily life can cause tension in our bodies. This tension doesn't always dissipate when the cause is removed, our bodies remain tense and it is at this time that a simple movement like looking over your shoulder can cause a pulled muscle and real physical pain.

Due to the influences of Eastern medical theory on Brandon Raynor his approach also takes into consideration that the human body has more subtle energies (chi), the pathways for these energies can also get blocked with tension, Raynor Massage therapists can also remove blockages allowing the flow of energy to be restored.

The origins of Raynor Massage

The beauty of Raynor Massage is that we as therapists are not constrained by one particular method. Both Western and Eastern influences have been incorporated into what is recognised as one of the most effective and powerful massage therapies available today. It delivers far more than most people routinely experience from a traditional massage. Due to these many influences which include Ayurveda, Shiatsu and Reflexology key parts of the body, feet, hands, head and hips are not neglected. These anchor points are prone to getting 'blocked' and releasing them not only feels amazing but has a huge impact on the rest of the body.

We provide a range of Raynor massage services. Please click here to view our massage options, prices and how to book information.

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